Asset Management

Senior Services of America's asset management program assists clients by providing individual or portfolio management to achieve and maintain maximum value. Far too often, management, development, and financial organizations are limited in their area of expertise, and lack experience in the multiple disciplines required to succeed in the senior housing and elderly care services industry.

Senior Services of America is experienced in all facets of the senior housing and elderly care services industry. We recognize that many owners and investors can benefit from our industry experience. Our goal for our clients is to ensure their portfolio or property is on track, from a qualitative standpoint as well as a quantitative one.

Senior Services of America's asset management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Routine visits to each operating facility
  • Review of service programs
  • Review of marketing effectiveness
  • Evaluation of management effectiveness
  • Review of monthly financial performance
  • Review of market competition
  • Review of annual operating and capital budgets
  • Financial analysis
  • Evaluation of alternatives for increased profitability
  • Meeting with, and routine communication with management
  • Review of regulatory requirements
  • Inspection of physical plant

Isn't my management company responsible for the services provided by Senior Services of America's asset management program?

Your management company's emphasis is obviously focused on pursuing financial success, resident satisfaction, as well as budget preparation, and routine facility maintenance. Quite frequently the proverbial phrase "seeing the forest for the trees" prevents management from achieving and maintaining maximum value. Management organizations may lose objectivity and get submerged in the day-to-day activities or lack the necessary experience. However, Senior Services of America's industry perspective is backed by a complete knowledge of the fundamental disciplines of development, operations, marketing, financial management, and industry dynamics — thus we provide a high level of confidence to our clients that their multi-million dollar business will achieve and maintain their full potential.

For more information in regards to our asset management services, please email us for more information.

Resources at Senior Services of America to manage your assets while living at a senior living community.

We help our clients achieve and maintain maximum portfolio value.