Senior Living Management Services

Experience Where It Counts

When you hire Senior Services of America, you are acquiring the extensive practical experience necessary for achieving results. The company's executive management team has spent their careers focusing on senior housing and being advocates for seniors. Our seasoned team of professionals brings together a blend of expertise in strategic planning, design and development, finance, operations and marketing of the full range of senior housing and assisted care alternatives. This experience enables us to evaluate each situation with a comprehensive view.

Senior Services of America has a long and successful track record in managing senior housing and care facilities. Our approach is to combine our company's extensive industry experience along with proven operating systems to each local market we enter into.

We recognize that managing a senior housing community combines both real estate and a major business enterprise. Consequently, Senior Services of America approaches each project with the awareness that the maximum return on an asset can only be realized through efficient day-to-day operations.

Senior Services of America's operating program utilizes an integrated system that focuses on our residents and employees. This ensures that company standards and processes, guided by our organization's policies and procedures, remain responsive to our stakeholders and aware of potential market opportunities.

After years of experience in numerous retirement and assisted living situations, Senior Services of America can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of an operation, therefore prioritizing the necessary functions for achieving success. We believe in building upon strengths and correcting areas of weakness that are a liability to operations.

Senior Services of America recognizes that each market is unique and therefore we develop an individualized management plan for each facility. Although we are a full-service management group with standardized systems, policies, and procedures — we do not take a cookie-cutter approach.

Management Services Include:

  • Complete operations, financial, and accounting responsibility
  • Administration of employment and licensing issues
  • Management of capital expenditures
  • Implementation of quality assurance program
  • Regulatory compliance programs
  • Comprehensive monthly project performance reports

We employ a quality assurance program at each facility to provide a tool to measure performance in comparison to our industry standards and against the goals we set for ourselves. Every employee is empowered with the responsibility and accountability for delivering successful results to the residents and investors we serve.

Senior Services of America's management experience in building strong teams and responding to the needs of our customers characterizes the company's approach of integrity, a strong work ethic, teamwork, and respect of the customer foundation. Our goal is to remember what is valuable to each resident and make a difference each day in his or her life.

For more information in regards to our management services, please email us for more information.

Management services available at Senior Services of America.

Senior Services of America approaches each project with the awareness that the maximum return on an asset can only be realized through efficient day-to-day operations.