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Independent Living Resources

Assisted Living Resources


Assisted Living Federation of America

  • The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) is the largest national association exclusively dedicated to professionally operated assisted living communities for seniors.

Senior Services of America Helpful Tips

  • Making the right choice for an assisted living community.

Senior Services of America Compare the Value

  • Monthly Cost-of-Living Comparison Worksheet

The Complete Resource Guide for Baby Boomers By Darlene Merkler

  • Everything you need to know about caring for your parent  Where to Buy

Memory Care Resources


Alzheimer's Association

  • The Alzheimer's Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care and support and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer research.

Alzheimer's Foundation of America

  • Sign up for free newsletters.

Alzheimer’s Association/Washington State Chapter

  • Visit their website for additional information or call them directly at 800-848-7097.

Alzheimer’s Society of Washington

  • Visit their website for additional information or call them directly at 800-493-3959.

National Parkinson Organization

Paul Nussbaum Clinical Neuropsychologist

  • Who's passion is in helping people understand brain disease.

National Institute On Aging

  • Offers free resources.


Full Circle of Love

Dementia Care Central

  • A site for family caregivers.

Teepa Snow - Dementia Expert

  • Teepa Snow is an expert who trains and consults for agencies, facilities, and families. Read more on her website.


  • Sell A Senior's Home. A private home sale service for seniors.

Family Caregiver Alliance

  • National Center on Caregiving

Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey

What's Happening to Grandpa by Maria Shriver

  • The author walks a girl through acceptance and a beginning understanding of her Grandpa's diagnosis with Alzheimer's. Where to buy.

Take Your Oxygen First by Leeza Gibbons

  • Protecting your health and happiness while care for a  loved on with memory loss. Where to buy.

The 36 Hour Day, Nancy L. Mace, M.A. and Peter Rabins, M.D., M.P.H.

  • A Family Guide to Caring for People with Alzheimer's Disease, Other Dementia's, and Memory Loss in Later Life. Where to buy.

A Dignified Approach to Alzheimer’s Care, Virginia Bell, M.S.W. & David Troxel, M.P.H.

  • The best friends approach to Alzheimer's care, a family caregivers guide. Where to buy.

When Love Gets Tough by Doug Manning

Coping with Behavior Change in Dementia, A Family Caregivers's Guide, Beth Spencer

  • This handbook is intended to help families understand possible causes of common behavior changes and learn to respond more effectively to 12 dementia behaviors that care partners find challenging. Where to buy.

Moving a Relative with Memory Loss, A Family Caregiver's Guide, Laurie White and Beth Spencer

  • Making the decision to move a relative with memory loss or dementia can be heart wrenching for everyone involved. This handbook offers suggestions for making the decision and transition a little easier. Where to buy.

Understanding Difficult Behaviors, Geriatric Education Center of Michigan

  • Practical suggestions for coping with Alzheimer's disease and related illnesses. Where to buy.

At the Crossroads, A Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia & Driving,

  • Research on dementia and driving and making the transition from driver to passenger. Read more.

Caring for Aging Loved Ones

  • A complete guide from Focus on the Family that provides information you need when you become a caregiver. Where to buy.

Dementia Holiday Activities That Lower Stress and Raise the Joy
By Paula Spencer Scott, Caring.com Senior Editor

Holidays with Memory Loss4 Tips for Sharing Holiday Pleasures
By Monica Heltemes, Caring.com Expert

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Accepting the Challenge, Providing the Best Care for People with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Association

Communicating with the Alzheimer’s Type Population, The Validation Method, Naomi Feil

The Alzheimer’s Project, HBO Documentary

Respite Care Resources


Family Caregiver Alliance

  • A public voice for caregivers. Learn more by visiting our website.

National Family Caregivers Association

  • Caregiver Action Network is the nation’s leading family caregiver organization working to improve the quality of life for the more than 90 million Americans who care for loved ones with chronic conditions, disabilities, disease, or the frailties of old age.