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Tallahassee Memory Care Testimonials

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Tallahassee Memory Care

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Testimonials From Our Residents

"...a blessing for me and my family..."
"Tallahassee Memory Care has been a blessing for me and my family. When the time came that my father and I realized that my mother could no longer live at home we began to look at the options available. My mother is physically fine, but suffers from Alzheimer’s. I was impressed with how clean everything was from the initial visit. I also noticed several residents who seemed to be in the same condition as my mother. All of the employees, from the administrators to the kitchen staff, administrative assistant, housekeeping, maintenance and of course the nurses were very loving and patient, not only to my mother, but my family as we all made the adjustment. My mother has lived at Tallahassee Memory Care since March and has adjusted well. She has friends (granted, she may not know their names), but she does find comfort in their friendships. My father and I visit often and almost every visit we see some member of the staff giving her a hug. The nursing staff has worked closely with her doctor to make adjustments to her medication that has helped with her anxiety. Alzheimer is a terrible disease. I’m glad we’ve found Tallahassee Memory Care to help us along the way."

~ Lee Calhoun, Resident Family Member, Tallahassee Memory Care

"The over all atmosphere is positive and upbeat..."
"My husband, David passed away recently after living at TMC for the previous two years. I was pleased with the care he received from their dedicated staff. The facility provided many opportunities for activities and entertainment, and the food was very good. The over all atmosphere is positive and upbeat in spite of the difficult condition of the individual resident. I would definitely recommend TMC for others. 

~ Carolyn A. Schriemer , Resident Family Member, Tallahassee Memory Care

"She (Valerie) was cheerful, pleasant, kind and informative."
"Valerie Walker was my first contact with Tallahassee Memory Care after speaking on the phone with Executive Director, Leslee Shaffer. Valerie gave me a tour of the Memory Care apartments the following day. She was cheerful, pleasant, kind and informative. She assisted me in making the decision for the apartment my mother would have if we were to choose this facility. She even gave me options to choose from if we were not ready to make a full commitment for my mother to live in the facility full-time. My mother has had her residence not far from TMC since 1983. However, since she was diagnosed with dementia three years ago, she needed more care than she had previously. 

Valerie gave me facts and figures regarding TMC. She was able to hold the apartment I had selected until I escorted my mother from her home in Colorado back to Florida to see that new facility in which she would possible be living. Upon arrival, Valerie had the pre-selected apartment furnished and ready for my mother to move into if she liked her possible new home. She did like it and we made the decision for her to move in. 

Valerie has continued to follow up on all of the things my mother needed after she moved in. Her smile and her laughter are contagious. She is and asset to the community of Tallahassee Memory Care. I am thankful for her being in my mother’s life and in mine."

~ Cynthia A. Shepherd, Resident Family Member, Tallahassee Memory Care

"Staff is quick to inform me of changes..."
"How has TMC affected my life? I have peace of mind. My lovely man to whom I have been married to for 37 years is safe. He is always clean. Staff are patient with him when he is having one of his “days”. TMC building is clean and does not smell bad. Staff is quick to inform me of changes in Robert."

~ Mercedes S. Carey, Resident Family Member, Tallahassee Memory Care

"The staff truly loves the residents..."
"I am a frequent visitor of a life-long friend who is in the latter stages of Alzheimer's and I have continued to see her cared for in a loving manner. The staff truly loves the residents and it shows. The staff are 'angels in disguise' - always ready and willing to answer any questions and to listen to my concerns."

~ Anne Vinson, Resident Friend, Tallahassee Memory Care

"...patient and understanding..."
"When our family made the very hard decision to find a facility for my Father's care we painstakingly visited all memory care facilities in Tallahassee. When we walked through the doors of TMC we knew this was the one! The care, attention and love they show ALL the residents is remarkable. TMC is small enough that I know my Father is not a number, but a resident. The staff is greatly patient and understanding of the challenges the residents face. I can put my head on my pillow every night and sleep easy knowing my Father is being well taken care of."

~ Roberta Mand, Resident Family Member, Tallahassee Memory Care

"...very helpful and caring."
"The staff at Tallahassee Memory Care were very helpful and caring. They ensured that we understood everything. They took up time with us and took us on tour of the facility. The staff was excellent. They followed up with us and allowed time for questions and comments. I felt good leaving my Dad in their hands."

~ F. J. Barber, Resident Family Member, Tallahassee Memory Care

"...make me feel like part of the family..."
"From the moments that we were moving my Dad into Tallahassee Memory Care until now...and every day in between, the administration and staff have been consistently welcoming and friendly. Whenever I visit, someone greets me by name and tells me something about my Dad's day. Even more amazing is that many of the staff will ask me abbout my day with my Kindergarten students. They make me feel like part of the TMC family, and I feel that they are a part of mine. It is nice that they care so much about my Dad - and his family - here in Tallahassee,and in Texas and Colorado."

~ Jackie Bist, Resident Family Member, Tallahassee Memory Care

"I sleep better..."
"Our Mother was at another Alzheimer's facility and deteriorating. In one months time after moving to Tallahassee Memory Care, she had improved mentally and physically. I sleep better knowing she is here. Thank you staff at TMC!"

~ Rose Michele Watson, Resident Family Member, Tallahassee Memory Care