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Broadmore Senior Living at Bristol Testimonials

​We recognize that our team of caregivers, support staff and management personnel make a difference in the lives of our Residents on a daily basis. Don't just take our word for what residents and their family members are "chirping" about. Write a review or if you would like to send a review directly to this location you can submit a Direct Review

Broadmore Senior Living at Bristol

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826 Meadow View Road Bristol, TN 37620 US

Testimonials From Our Residents

"...treated with much kindness."
"It is an honor and a privilege to send you this letter. My family and I would like to show you our appreciation for the efficient transition to Broadmore Senior Living. I am enjoying my stay here and have been treated with much kindness. Thank you for all your love and attention."

~ Sue E., Resident, Broadmore Senior Living at Bristol

"...the staff is tremendous."
"I would like to express my appreciation to Broadmore and what it means to me.  Broadmore is a beautiful facility set in the lush verdant mountains of Tennessee and the perfect place for retired folks like me.There are plenty of good things going on here to keep a person occupied.Things such as bus rides to various places, shopping at different stories, going to the Paramount Theatre to see shows, going to see the Christmas Lights at the Speedway and many other places.

The help is great, also the nurses. In fact, all the staff is tremendous. I thank the Lord for leading me here and pray that He will bless Broadmore in the future as he has in the past. I would like to recommend Broadmore to anyone who is looking for a senior living location."

~ Charlie W., Resident, Broadmore Senior Living at Bristol

" being in a large family."
"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that someday I would be living in an assisted living place, but here I am and I’m glad to be here. I’ve been here nearly two years. Not too many dull moments – the Life Enrichment Director sees to that!

Like most anyone, I’d rather be in my own home, but I can’t. Being here is like being in a large family. Everyone seems to be interested in the other person and ready to be of help, when and if needed. The staff here is GREAT!  Always cheerful and patient – although I’m sure we make it hard for them, sometimes!! My family, I can’t express the support I get from them. They are like no other (at least I think so). For all the friends I have here, I’m thankful. I guess I can’t ask for a lot more than that!!"

~ Virginia G., Resident, Broadmore Senior Living at Bristol