About us at Nikkei Manor in Seattle, Washington

Board of Directors

The Keiro Northwest Board of Directors is composed of seven community volunteer leaders.

Ted Tomita – Interim President

Keith Akada – Interim Vice President

Shina Kashino – Interim Secretary

Jean-Francois Mannina – Treasurer

Carol Kessler

Monica Nixon

Ellen Suzuki

Join the Board of Directors

The Board seeks to have a cadre of members with diversity in age, gender and backgrounds. First and foremost, we are looking for individuals who care deeply about issues related to caring for the aging population. Experience in governance on other board is important. Skill sets in finance, real estate, marketing, senior care, human resources, philanthropy and law are desirable.

If you or a friend or colleague are interested in being considered for this strategic board, please indicate your interest to:

Julie Ann Oiye
Chair, Nominating and Governance Committee
Keiro Northwest


Bryce Seidl
Interim Executive Director
Keiro Northwest

Nikkei Manor


700 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 US