Life Enrichment Activities at Nikkei Manor in Seattle, Washington

Activities at Nikkei Manor

To help our residents maintain and nurture active, independent lives, we provide a myriad of social and recreational opportunities: musical performances, field trips to points of interest, exercise classes, and holiday get-togethers.

We also customize service plans to individual needs with a personalized "wellness" program developed and coordinated by our Wellness Director. Regularly scheduled transportation is offered for shopping, banking, local library visits, sporting, and special community events. Assistance with arrangements for transportation to medical, dental, and other appointments is also available.

Nikkei Manor


700 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 US

A resident at a market near Nikkei Manor in Seattle, Washington

Upcoming Events

We encourage families to be involved by attending special events, outings, holiday luncheons, or by participating in our daily activities. Please click below for our latest community calendar or call us today for more information.

We have a full-time Activity and Life Enrichment Coordinator on staff and pride ourselves in offering a variety of social and recreational opportunities, including Japanese cultural activities We believe offering a well-rounded activities program is one of the keys to promoting a healthy lifestyle.


At Nikkei Manor, residents choose from a full range of activities to keep their minds, bodies, and spirits strong and vital. Gentle exercise, singing, games, ice cream socials, performances, and so much more connect you with your neighbors and keep you smiling.

You may also join our Kokoro Kai Adult Day Center three days a week to meet new friends living in the community and share a meal together.

Activities at Nikkei Manor in Seattle, Washington

Regular Activities

  • Weekly outings around town
  • Intergenerational programming with local elementary schools and high schools, universities visiting from Japan
  • Monthly luncheons with special menus and guest performers
  • Group visits and performances from dogs, choir groups, traditional Japanese musicians
  • And so much more!

Cultural Activities

  • Natto Club, for those who love to eat natto, a fermented soybean dish
  • Haiku writing
  • Card games – Rummi Kub and Hyakunin Isshu
  • Special celebration of Japanese holidays and traditions (New Year’s Day, with mochitsuki; Girl’s Day/Hinamatsuri; Cherry Blossom Festival/Sakuramatsuri; Boy’s Day; Star Festival/Tanabata)