Dining menu at Nikkei Manor

Dining at Nikkei Manor

Our dining services offer chef-prepared meals from a menu of delicious choices.

Sample Breakfast Menu

Pineapple, Cream of Wheat, Quiche Lorraine, Grilled Ham, English Muffin

Sample Lunch Menu

Starter: Edamame
Main: Miso Roasted Pork with Bok Choy or Egg Salad on Croissant with Chopped Salad
Dessert: Cherry Crisp

Sample Dinner Menu

Starter: Simmered Vegetables with Hijiki
Main: Udon Noodle with Baked Vegetables and Mini Onigiri or Spaghetti with Meatballs, Squash Saute, and Garlic Bread
Dessert: Honeydew Melon

For more information pertaining to our dining services or nutritional questions in regards to resident dining please email us or call us directly. 

Nikkei Manor


700 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 US

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