King's Manor Senior Living Community Testimonials

​We recognize that our team of caregivers, support staff and management personnel make a difference in the lives of our Residents on a daily basis. Don't just take our word for what residents and their family members are "chirping" about.

King's Manor Senior Living Community


8609 Portland Avenue East Tacoma, WA 98445 US

Testimonials From Our Residents

"Mom felt right at home, right away."
"You took such good care of my mom. She had apprehensions on moving out of her duplex, but felt right at home, right away. When we moved her to your Community my sister and I were at a loss but it worked out so well."

~ David A., Resident, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"I can't say enough about the staff. They are marvelous."
"My wife and I have been residents of King's Manor for about 7 months. I can't say enough about the staff. They are marvelous. They are caring, compassionate, helpful and willing to go the extra mile for us. This obviously is a reflection of the entire administrative personnel. We are both just past our mid 80's and are here because of some health issues. I highly recommend King's Manor to anyone who, for whatever reason, is in need of a caring place to live."

~ Robert H., Resident, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"The workers and owners really care."
"I have lived here at King's Manor one year. My husband was here for two years until he had to go to a nursing home. I came most every day to be with him so I knew how nice and friendly it was here. If I ever would need help, this was where I would come. I feel that since it is owned by the Lutheran Church it is different. The workers and owners really care. This means a lot to me."

~ Hazel N., Resident, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"...very kind and thoughtful."
"Every one of the women at Kings Manor (we call them 'the girls') are very kind and thoughtful. I appreciate their skills and their generous willingness to do whatever it takes to take care of us and make us happy."

~ Carol E., Resident, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"The people there are happy."
"I am so grateful that I found King's Manor. The people there are happy. My Aunt has been there now for over a year and what I really appreciate is how the staff always seems ready to help...and they are pleasant to talk to. Caregiver's keep me informed. When I ask questions I get answers. When I make requests that I believe would better meet my Aunt's special needs, the staff genuinely tries to accommodate us. But, what is most important is that my Aunt is happy there. She really considers it her home and she has no desire to leave. I do not think I could find a better place for her to live."

~ Karen C., Resident Family Member, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"...such a pleasant place."
"We are very grateful to you for helping to facilitate my Mom's move-in. We know she is in good hands! Thank you for all you do to make King's Manor such a pleasant place."

~ Resident Family Member, King's Manor Senior Living Community

" clean and laundry done perfect."
"I am so glad I have my husband in this good Christian home. All of the help are wonderful and do everything for him. The cooks in the kitchen have always made good food that comes out hot and tastefully presented. King's Manor has many crafts if you want to do them, many activities, and always have very good entertainment. He loves it here and calls it home. The room is always kept so clean and the laundry done perfect."

~ Hazel N., Resident Family Member, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"...the food is excellent."
"Mom was not happy about the prospect of going to Assisted Living, but her opposition softened when she was served liver and onions on our first visit and lunch. Within a week of moving in she was content. She continued to say that the food was excellent. Her apartment was perfect for her needs. She appreciated the staff and always said, 'They take good care of me.' It was a great comfort that Mom had a safe place to live and good care. Your staff allowed her to live these past six years with dignity."

~ Shirley F., Resident Family Member, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"...fantastic from the start."
"My grandmother used to be a resident at the King's Manor Senior Living Community in Tacoma, WA. She was a very independent woman, so we searched extensively before committing to any one community. King's Manor was fantastic from the start. When we went for an interview/tour, they greeted us with lunch. The staff all seemed genuinely friendly and solicitous towards patients and visitors alike. I was impressed immediately by the sense of community among the residents, who were very welcoming themselves. Our visit lasted for about 2 hours, during which we socialized with some of the residents, who all had very positive things to say about King's Manor. They even had a pianist that came in and played for everyone in the common area (very special for my grandma, who was a very talented musician before her arthritis got too bad). I only hope my kids put me up in a place this nice!"

~ From, Resident Family Member, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"...a very good place to be recommended."
"I am pleased to be living at King's Manor. I am very comfortable and I find that my needs are very well taken care of in every respect. The people in charge are personable and their friendly manner to the residents is comforting and their assurance for our health and care is very reassuring. The exercise sessions and the games and the entertainment are definitely good for the residents who live here. We also notice that some of the entertainment for us and our families are special, and a nice treat to offer us. Compliments to the food service, the cooks and all those lovely girls who work here serving in the dining room, and attending to all the myriad things that are wanted and needed by the residents. I am well pleased with the life I am offered at King's Manor. It is probably one of the very best that anyone could ever expect. I would definitely say King's Manor is a very good place to be recommended."

~ Carol E., Resident, King's Manor Senior Living Community

" life to the fullest."
"My mother has appreciated all of the care and kindness you have given her these past two years. She has enjoyed being given opportunities to lead and contribute to the variety of activities that you have offered to all residents. Keeping her active and viable has helped her live life to the fullest. Encouraging her to write and to share her legacy has helped and succeeded in making her feel a part of the King's Manor Community. Whenever she is with us for family celebrations she refers to King's Manor and the employees who work there as "home" and "my friends."

~ Jon E., Resident Family Member, King's Manor Senior Living Community

"...caring, considerate and attentive."
"Our Mother has lived at King's Manor for 7 1/2 years. At the age of 103, she is receiving extraordinary care. The staff is and has always been caring, considerate and attentive. The many activities and programs keep her interested and active."

~ Robert W., Resident Family Member, King's Manor Senior Living Community