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Broadmore Senior Living at Teays Valley Testimonials

​We recognize that our team of caregivers, support staff and management personnel make a difference in the lives of our Residents on a daily basis. Don't just take our word for what residents and their family members are "chirping" about. Write a Review or if you would like to send a review directly to this location you can submit a Direct Review

Broadmore Senior Living at Teays Valley

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Testimonials From Our Residents

"We can't thank Broadmore enough!"
"Although Roger and I are no longer married, I've been his caregiver for a number of years. His Parkinson's has been with him for at least 24 years, so his condition has been problematic and advancing. Our sons live thousands of miles away, so I have been the local contact for Broadmore. Consequently, I am well aware of the myriad of problems the staff has had with Roger, yet they have continued to take care of him and really care for him...warts and all! His dementia has caused many problems and complaints that were really just in his head - yet they "loved" him. He has been here more than two years, even though we thought they wouldn't even take him. We can't thank Broadmore enough!"

~ Helen Hall, Resident Family Member, Broadmore Senior Living at Teays Valley

"...always seem to go the extra mile."
"From the first experience with Broadmore, we have had such positive and caring feelings from each of you. Everyone seems to be part of the team and always seems to go the extra mile. On one of our recent visits, our loved one asked, 'Why do these people keep trying to take care of us?'. That shows the independence of two West Virginians who never had to depend on anyone - and in fact consider it to be a character flaw to have to ask for help. We appreciate your willingness to keep trying with your offers of help. Thanks for your care and gentleness, even when it is rebuked. Thank you for being there for those who will always need you. Thank you for all that you have done to make this transition easier."

~ G. Cutlip, Residents' Family Member, Broadmore Senior Living at Teays Valley