Coming to The Sequoia Was the Best Decision of My Life

“Coming to The Sequoia was a big step in my life, and at the same time, I’ve come to realize that it was the best decision of my life. I could not be more happy than I am today. The kindness and understanding have been overwhelming. If you’re ever in need of assisted living, The Sequoia is a great choice! You won’t be disappointed.”

~Nellie, Resident, The Sequoia Assisted Living Community

I Felt Like I Was on a Cruise Ship

“I moved to assisted living due to medical conditions. My daughters live in the area and looked at many communities and love Del Obispo Terrace. I felt like I would be happy here, but I didn’t know what to expect. I adjusted quickly here because there are so many activities, I felt like I was on a cruise ship.”

~Edie, Resident, Del Obispo Terrace


A Good Place to be When You Need the Help

“I have been here at Sequoia for one year and am getting used to it and like it after being on my own for so long. The people I have met are all so nice. The managers and caregivers are great and our activity directors are so helpful when we need them. All in all, it is a good place to be when you need the help.”

~Delphine, Resident, The Sequoia Assisted Living Community

I Consider Myself Lucky to Live Here

“I consider myself lucky to live here with the many friendly residents and great staff. The all-around service here is to be commended. The meals are to be looked forward to, including the treats. The room service, including laundry, is excellent. I cannot say much more than thank you!”

~Hans, Resident at Del Obispo Terrace

From the Onset, I Was Very Pleased

“After I had a short hospital stay, my son and his family found Del Obispo Terrace and knew I would love it here. From the onset, I was very pleased. I had people around me to talk to and they were all interesting people with interesting stories. There are many activities for our minds and bodies and I highly recommend Del Obispo Terrace to anyone.”

~Helen, Resident at Del Obispo Terrace

There are So Many Activities to Enjoy – Inside or Out

“The view of Del Obispo Terrace is the welcoming drive to the front door! Once inside, there is evidence of lots of activities. The huge living room is the perfect spot in which to relax, have a cup of tea, enjoy a concert or watch TV. There are so many activities to enjoy – inside or out!"

~Pat, Resident at Del Obispo Terrace/em>

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